Umbrella Ants


Free education for all

Education is free, credentials are not. Many people have the credentials but not the real education. There is a famous quote - "The great aim of education is not knowledge but action". This quotation means that education is not just knowledge but it is also the actions that you do to use this education. Education gets overshadowed by credentialization, and those who don't have credentials are considered uneducated or unqualified. 

Umbrella Ants is on a mission to change this mindset and provide free educational resources from the top educational institutions across the world to the underprivileged people. This initiative is not to create another Learning Management System or an educational institution but to bring all the freely available educational websites at one place. 

With the advancement of technology, it only requires the consolidation of these freely available resources on one single platform.

Below are a few websites that offer the best learning resources. These include Universities, Government initiatives, and people who set an example by launching free education platform for all.