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Mangoman represents the hopes, aspirations, troubles, and characteristics of a common man. Mangoman's Project™ is an initiative to encourage each person to help the needy. We are not a political party, charity or an NGO, and neither collect funds. We use technology for social impact. This portal also highlights projects that are self-initiated and the ones by authorized organizations and governments.

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Many of us think that philanthropists are wealthy people with a generous nature and a concern for human welfare. This understanding is partially correct, but anyone can be a Philanthropist because Philanthropy means the love of humanity and focuses on the elimination of social problems. We should realize that social change requires participation beyond donating money. This may include serving on a board, assisting with fundraising, advocacy, networking, or other helpful ways to bring about change.

Technology is one of the most significant gifts to humankind, and if used in the right way, it can do wonders. #mangomansproject advocates for technology and brings you the information on resources and techniques available for nonprofit initiatives. Building and developing technology comes with a cost, and those who offer them for free need your support. You can support by using their technology freely for your projects, crediting, and promoting them.

"One person can make a difference"

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